New carpet is making the lodge even more Eco Friendly!

Not Just Any Carpet

Winter has arrived, maintenance is now a priority and so…a couple of buildings are getting new carpet.

Now, most of us think of carpet as a significant environmental pollutant—the manufacture, and the disposal of the old carpet—which makes sourcing, in line with SPL’s core values like “Stewardship and “More with Less”, a real challenge.
And often more costly.

And they are almost right!

While we have not yet discovered flying carpets (Aladdin, I would like to fly carbon neutal!) for people and goods to arrive at the Lodge—pun intended—there are great ways to make a noticeable difference, but I digress…

When Christine Clarke mentioned that one of the buildings was getting a carpet makeover and that InterfaceFLOR was supplying the carpet, I knew we would get something special, something everybody (Yes you too!) should consider for their home or business. (Disclaimer: I am not shilling or working for Interface!).
So what is this company about?

  • Go here for a short history.
  • For more on their drive to sustainability go here .
  • And finally—this should get your attention—Interface’s drive to Mission Zero in 2020.
  • If you are digital child and you like TED talks, go here to hear from the Founder of Interface, Ray Anderson.

You can make the difference as a smarter consumer, as a child of parents making such decisions, and as someone whose business sense values the planet.
It does count!

Now, if we could just get Ray Anderson (with his philosophy of sustainability) and InterfaceFLOR to make flying carpets!

Christian Stapff

About Strathcona Park Lodge

Located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Strathcona Park Lodge offers outdoor adventure vacations, outdoor education and facilities to handle weddings and other group gatherings.
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